Seever Company is a modern company which has proved since 2002, that the quality is the most important part of our production.

Seever Co is very well equipped with the top modern tools and equipments, which helps in executing all adopted Projects and over all Iraq regions.
Also the company has her own cranes and vehicles to carry workers, equipments and spare parts to the projects locations, where our technical team handles the installation works or needed maintenance.
The Company gives a special attention on maintaining the after sale services, which assures a very good reputation and by which the clients are also proud and satisfied.
All arrangements are built to make Seever Co. Modern, organized, vital and flexible, in our long term dealing with costumers.
Our Costumers Are Our Best References.

Seever Co. is Specialized in:
- The import and installation of water pumps of all types (from 1 to 400 Hp, Depth 700m)
- The Standard generating set up to the most complex units. (From 5 to 2000 K.V.A)
- Agricultural machineries) tractors, garden, equipments and accessories )
- Welding machines diesel and electric.
-Lighting Towers